Thermal power plants

We started with the steam boiler for LOKOMOTIVA and later we mastered the first turbine condenser. Currently, we deliver complete central-cooling devices, devices for chemical preparation of water, coal supply, mud and ash discharge, inter-cooling, low- and high-pressure heaters, supply reservoirs, condensers with 1,000 MW of power, and pump condensers.

Today, TEHNOPROCES has survived and remained one of rare manufacturers of process equipment in the territory of southern Europe.

We pay special attention to the following components for thermal and nuclear power plants that we manufacture under the licence of the Swiss Company BBC (ABB):

  • Low pressure heaters,
  • High pressure heaters,
  • Supply tanks with deaerator,
  • Toplification heaters.


We also manufacture the following devices based on documentation:



Based on the demands of our clients and our own documentation we manufacture: